I dreamt of torture

As a child I had things in my wardrobe, things I’d hide, things that hurt
I’d have you in my bed tied, a bad person, one who hurts
Hunger in your eyes, you had no fear of me
I wait for clearance, where noone could see what I’d do to you
For all those children’s souls you took
All those lives you ruined
I’d put this right
What do you deserve? Death is a rest, too easy
I pull out bags of sand, a hand drill and hammer
They fall from my grasp as I struggle to pull them with the force that my heart needed
His face falls straight, what are you doing with those?

Published by kaypeexx

I'm a vibrant author specialising in poetry and short stories. A world of difference (2007)- My environment focused piece further encouraged my passions in writing. My new children's first chapter book Nimble (2021) is now on sale worldwide through Amazon! I am a Business Management Graduate with experience in Marketing and design encouraging years of art development and writing.

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