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Peter’s smelly feet

Peter was a funny little childHe always had the fluHe had so many friends aroundEveryone he knew Peter was known for a special smellIt followed him aroundIt would flow deep beneath his legsAnd all around the ground His feet ponged so badlyThey were cheesy to say the leastWhen he would take his socks ofIt wouldContinue reading “Peter’s smelly feet”

Poppy’s birthday song

A fairy named poppy really loved to singThe shortest of the bunch with sparkled purple wingsFor the king fairy’s birthday, she wanted to performTo make an extra special birthday all magical and warm But poppy was a nervous one, she’d only sing aloneOnly when she was comfortable or quiet in her homeThis time she thoughtContinue reading “Poppy’s birthday song”

A glorious return

From under the rocks, I come out crawling I feel overwhelmed and stress riles in my mind Better than the numbness I’ve been supressing all this time I’m ready for the new start and I’m taking the shots slowly A world of colour returns, it comes in the form of friendsIt comes in the formContinue reading “A glorious return”

It’s magic

The secret of my utopia, is how it keeps me protected I hide it away sometimes and make it look neglected Mushrooms hide colourless when the sun is up and light But the magic comes when shadows creep in and brings upon the night A forest where fairies fly and sparkles floatSmooth wet rocks withContinue reading “It’s magic”


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Hi, I’m Katie, I’m a vibrant writer specialising in poetry and short stories. With published work in ‘A world of difference’, my passions have taken me in new directions writing first chapter books for children!

I am a Business Management Graduate with experience in Marketing and design encouraging years of art development and writing.   

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